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I can coordinate aggressive street campaigns by tapping into my arsenal of skilled and experienced brand ambassadors.

I can orchestrate a high-profile segway campaign where we invade the streets of Boston on segways branded with your message on the front.

I can conceptualize, produce, shoot, edit, and upload a viral video.

I can set up a gifting lounge and invite Boston's elite so you can get your product in the hands of the influential demographic that will help elevate your brand.

I can double your website's traffic by exploiting your URL to my distribution list, my two Myspace pages, my Facebook page, and other online posting sites.

I can book and promote talent at your bar or restaurant.

I can polish and add spice to the copy on your website or newsletter.

I can write a catchy and inventive press release and forward it to the top media outlets in the country.

With Wickid Pissa Publicity - the sky is the limit!